Rose Bush

About the Artist

Nancy Shill, studio: New Hope/Bucks County, Pa.

"My art brings together paint and unrelated materials from their previous existences into new and dynamic abstract relationships. Color expresses itself differently via different papers, fabric, metal, plastic, wood etc.

The 'used' materials that I employ are overlooked in a disposable society, yet they make a cry for validity. I'm challenged to push the limits in combining these. They can be beautiful, earthy and truthful — they contain history."

— Nancy Shill

Nancy's work is seen in galleries and at exhibits throughout the Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Princeton, New Jersey areas. Her 1962 studies with Roy Lichtenstein at Douglass College resulted in a certain POP bent to her unique, mixed-media style. She also studied at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and at Montclair University. Nancy cites influences as varied as Schwitters, Kandinsky, DeKooning, Matisse, and Picasso.

Nancy has conducted many art classes, including:

Small and private classes available at the Shill home studio in New Hope, Pa. Contact us for more info.