23 Happy Halloween Printables Preschoolers Love

Are you ready to get into the Halloween spirit with your little ones? Halloween is a joyous holiday filled with candy and costumes that kids absolutely love. Whether you're looking for activities to keep your preschoolers engaged or planning a small Halloween party, the answer lies in happy Halloween printables.

As a busy mom, I know the power of printables. Whenever my kids need some entertainment and I need a moment to myself, I simply print out an activity for them to enjoy. Printables are a true lifesaver! You can even use them as games at parties or when you're out for dinner.

To save you the trouble of searching for the perfect Halloween printables, I've put together a list of 23 options that will surely delight your little ones.

1. Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

Why not give the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game a spooky twist? Introducing Tic-Tac-Boo! Instead of using X's and O's, you can use Halloween candy. These printable sheets can even be laminated for multiple uses. Teachers and parents alike will find these printables handy for keeping little ones entertained.

2. Halloween Color by Numbers

Itsy Bitsy Fun has created an amazing set of color-by-number Halloween pages that will help preschoolers with number recognition. With four different worksheets available for free on their website, your little ones are in for a treat. I'm definitely downloading these for my own preschooler!

3. Halloween Coloring and Dot Sheets

Your preschoolers and toddlers will have a blast with this set of eight free Halloween-inspired coloring and dot sheets. From monster coloring pages to pumpkin dot sheets, there is no shortage of fun in this set.

4. Printable Halloween Bingo Game

Bingo is a classic game loved by kids of all ages. These adorable Halloween Bingo cards are perfect for parties or keeping your kids entertained. You'll receive eight different game boards when you download the set. For durability, consider printing them on cardstock and laminating them.

5. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt? Kickstart your family Halloween night or engage your little ones at a party with this exciting Halloween scavenger hunt. It's a great way to create lasting memories.

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6. Printable Halloween Clip Cards: Counting 1-20

Clip cards are an excellent tool for teaching counting skills and number recognition. These Halloween-themed clip cards are a perfect teaching aid for your preschooler.

7. Halloween Counting Printables

These Halloween counting printables are not only entertaining but also help your child practice valuable skills like counting, matching numbers, finding missing numbers, and counting bats. The set includes several pages and is completely free.

8. Halloween Memory Match Game

Memory games are a fantastic way to enhance your child's attention to detail, observation skills, short-term memory, and visual memory. This memory game printable is simple but effective. Print it on cardstock to avoid peeking through the paper!

Now it's time to play Halloween memory just like the regular game!

9. Eyeball Wreath

Looking for a fun Halloween craft to do with your little ones? This Halloween eyeball wreath is both creepy and fun. All you need is a wreath form and printable eyeballs to attach. Get ready to add some dimension by using cardboard for the back!

10. Pumpkin Shape Matching

After reading “The Legend of Spookley: The Square Pumpkin,” try this printable activity with your tots and toddlers. Cut out the shapes and let your child match the pumpkins together. It's a simple yet engaging activity that little ones love.

For more pumpkin-themed fun, check out our list of 21 Pumpkin Books for Preschoolers.

11. Halloween Picture Matching Printables

Your toddlers will have a blast with this Halloween picture matching freebie. They'll enjoy finding the monsters, drawing lines to matching pictures, and figuring out which creepy picture doesn't belong. This printable pack includes seven exciting pages for your child to enjoy.

12. Coloring Pages for Halloween

Keep your children entertained with these free Halloween-inspired coloring pages. Print one or print them all and put them in a binder. Provide some crayons or coloring pencils, and watch your kids have a blast.

13. Halloween Patterning Strips

Patterns are an important early math skill for preschoolers and toddlers. These pattern strips will help solidify the foundation needed for future math skills. Print out the strips, cut out the additional pieces, and encourage your child to “read” the pattern and pick the appropriate piece to complete it.

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14. Halloween Printables for Preschoolers – Size Opposite

Size opposite is a crucial skill for preschoolers to practice. Enhance their critical thinking and math skills with these Halloween-inspired size opposite printables. Learning and having fun go hand in hand!

15. Carving-a-Pumpkin Sequence Cards

Carving pumpkins is a quintessential Halloween activity that kids love. These sequence cards depict each step of the pumpkin carving process. This free set includes six sequencing cards, perfect for practicing before and after carving jack-o'-lanterns.

16. Halloween Finger Puppets

Prepare for laughter with these adorable Halloween finger puppets. They're sure to bring endless entertainment for your kids, whether at home or on car trips. Encourage your little ones to let their imaginations run wild and create fun stories with these silly Halloween characters.

17. Silly Spiderweb Worksheets

Handwriting requires fine motor skills and lots of practice. These Silly Spiderweb worksheets are perfect for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills. The tracing lines aren't all straight, so your child will need to pay close attention and follow the lines carefully.

18. Halloween Cootie Catchers

Looking for a fun craft that will engage kids of all ages? Try making these Halloween cootie catchers. They're a hit at parties or for a crafting afternoon. This set includes eight different options to keep the fun going.

19. Find-a-Face Printable

Preschoolers will enjoy finding faces with this simple Halloween printable. It's a great activity for enhancing visual scanning and handwriting skills. Make sure to read the instructions for various ways to use this playful activity.

20. Monsters Coloring Page

Let your kids unleash their creativity with this monsters coloring page. The sheet features several monsters waiting to be brought to life with vibrant colors. Download and print multiple copies to ensure hours of coloring fun.

21. Halloween Alphabet Puzzle

If you're working on letter recognition with your preschooler, these Halloween alphabet puzzles are a must. Cut the bats in half and challenge your child to match the uppercase and lowercase letters. This simple activity is great for visual recognition and teaching phonics.

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22. Mix-n-Match Pumpkin Faces

Unleash your child's creativity with this mix and match pumpkin faces activity. Print out the pumpkin faces, laminate them for durability, and cut them in half. Your child can then create countless combinations of pumpkin faces by mixing and matching the pieces. For added fun, add magnets to the back of the laminated pieces!

23. Candy Corn Counting Activities

Is your preschooler in need of more number sense and math skill practice? Look no further than this candy corn counting activity. It encourages your child to practice matching numbers, number words, and counting dots. While the activity covers numbers 1-20, you can focus on smaller numbers for little ones.

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With these incredible happy Halloween printables, you and your little ones are all set for a spooktacular season. Enjoy quality time with your kids as you engage in counting candy corn, practicing letter recognition, and so much more.

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