How to make a paper rose with stem easily (Step-by-step instructions)

There's something truly captivating about the beauty of a rose flower. But did you know that you can easily recreate the allure of a real rose by making a paper rose? In this step-by-step tutorial, I'll show you just how simple and fun it can be to make your very own paper rose with a stem. This craft is perfect for kids and beginners, and you can use any paper you have at home, although colored paper will make your flower even more attractive.

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Materials Required:

  • Color papers (any color for the rose and green for the stem)
  • Ruler, pencil, and scissors
  • Glue

Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial to Make a Paper Rose for Kids (and Beginners)

STEP 1: Cut the Paper

Start by taking an A4 color paper (or letter size) of your choice. For this tutorial, let's use red paper. Cut a square of 20 cm length from the A4 paper, removing the excess. Now, you have a 20 cm square paper.

STEP 2: Fold the Paper to Make Four More Squares

Take the square paper you just cut and fold it in half from top to bottom, creating a crease (2a and 2b). Then, fold it again in half from left to right (or vice versa) and make another crease (2c and 2d).

STEP 3: Cut the Squares

Carefully cut along the creases you made in the previous step. This will give you four square pieces (3a and 3b).

STEP 4: Make the Petals of the Rose

Take one of the square pieces and fold it in half horizontally from bottom to top (4a). Then, fold it again from left to right to make a smaller square (4b). Now, fold from the left top side of the square to the right bottom, forming a triangle shape (4c). Draw a semi-circle in the middle and cut along the semi-circle, removing the top portion (4d). Finally, cut a small hole at the pointed end. Repeat these steps with the remaining three square papers.

STEP 5: Cut Segments

From one petal shape, cut one segment (5a), discarding the cut-out segment. Save the remaining part with seven segments. From the second petal shape, cut two segments (5b), discarding them and saving the remaining part with six segments. From the third petal shape, cut three segments, so you're left with a shape with five segments (5c). Save both the shape with five segments and the cut-out part with three segments, as you'll need both to make the rose flower. From the fourth petal shape, cut four segments (5d), saving one part with four segments and discarding the rest.

STEP 6: Stick the Petals End to End to Form Each Layer

Start by taking the petal pieces from biggest to smallest, and stick the end segments on top of one another to form each layer of the petal. Repeat this process for all five petal pieces, resulting in five layers of the rose's petal.

STEP 7: Make the Sepal of the Rose

Take a piece of green paper and cut a square of 5 cm length (7a). Fold the paper in half horizontally (7b), then fold it again from left to right (7c). Make a crease (7d). Next, fold it from the left top side to the right bottom side, forming a triangle (7e). Make two cuts on two sides of the triangle, as shown in the picture, to create a hole and open up the paper to get the sepal shape (7f).

Step 8: Make the Stem of the Paper Rose Flower

Take a green paper and cut a square of size 15 cm. Starting from one corner, roll the paper as thinly as possible. When you reach the opposite corner, apply glue and stick it.

Step 9: Insert the Petals and Sepals into the Stem

Starting from the smallest petal layer, insert the layers one by one into the stem you just made. Finally, insert the sepal and apply some glue to the inner portion of the sepal to secure it to the bottom portion of the largest petal, thus completing the flower.

Step 10: Curl the Petals

To make your paper rose look even more realistic, curl the edges of each petal segment outwards.

And there you have it! Your beautiful paper rose with a stem is now complete. Be proud of your creative accomplishment and consider making a charming paper vase to complement your rose. For the vase, use a smaller paper rose by following this tutorial with a 10 cm paper square instead of 20 cm.

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